iPhone Eyes-Free - Developing A Mind's-Eye View of the iPhone Touch-Screen

taught by Tom Dekker

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This introductory iPhone Eyes-Free course is inclusively designed to provide visual, audio, and text descriptions to assist you in learning how to navigate an iPhone using Voiceover without having to physically see it. The course comprises six sections, each presented in text, as a downloadable PDF, and as a video.

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Tom Dekker
Tom Dekker
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT)

From traditional rehabilitation to 21st century iHabilitation, Tom has over 35 years of field experience, providing assistive technology and independent living skills instruction. He has now taken it online, promoting the “iPhone Eyes-Free” concept. With multi-media content offered via Thinkific, this terrific Learning Management System, Tom is well-positioned to help teachers and students understand what it means to attain a “Mind’s Eye View” of their touch-screen independent of physical vision. From his own life experience, Tom  demonstrates how this perspective improves user experience and facilitates greater independence and quality of life.

iHabilitation Canada's Mind's-Eye View has been created to provide multimedia instructional resources for iDevices. The objective is to assist educators, families, friends, and vision-impaired iDevice users.

Contact: Tom@ihabilitation.ca

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by Ashley Breger

by Ashley Breger